What Is Car Alternator Stator?

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Alternator stator is the stationary part of a car’s alternator. It can be found on the inside of the alternator and is attached to the back housing.

Car alternators are a common source of electric current in most cars on the road today. The function of the stator is to convert mechanical energy that’s produced by the engine into electric energy.

Car Alternator Stator Function


How To Test Alternator Stator Resistance?

Now that you know how to test the rotor and regulator, it’s time to get down to business with the stator.

Alternators are typically powered by the crankshaft, which is turned by the engine. They also include a rotor, which has windings within it, and a rectifier to convert the electricity produced into direct current, or DC power.

Alternator Stator Wire Function

The alternator stator wire is used to transfer electrical charges from the battery to the alternator.


Alternator Stator Winding Types


Alternator stator windings can be classified in three main types: