Best Electric Cars

Electric car is a vehicle that uses electric motors or other drive systems powered from electricity. They emit no tail pipe when it runs, and therefore considered to be more environmentally friendly.

There are 7 different types of electric cars. They include gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, battery electric, compressed natural gas and garbage truck.

 Types of Electric Cars

What Is A Hybrid Car

 A hybrid vehicle uses both a gasoline engine and an electric motor or other type of propulsion, such as hydraulic or pneumatic. 

How Electric Engine Work

Electric engines use magnetic or electromagnet forces to make a propeller or rotor spin.

EV Charging​

EV Charging station is used for faster charging of electric car batteries. EV charging stations help in saving the cost of oil, gas and electricity that you pay at home. 

Types Of EV Charger

1. Slow Charger

2. Fast Charger

3. Rapid Charger

If you already own an electric vehicle, you know that running low on power can be a bit of a hassle. 

An EV charging station is a plug that allows electric vehicles to connect to an electrical outlet and charge their batteries. For e.g. Tesla, Nissan Leaf, GM Volt, etc.