Legislators accept Dodd’s resolution on AI

Legislators accept Dodd's resolution on AI
Legislators accept Dodd’s resolution on AI

The nation’s first artificial intelligence-drafted resolution was approved by the California Legislature on Monday, demonstrating the state’s “commitment to examining and implementing specified principles related to the use of AI,” according to a spokesman for state Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Solano, who drafted the measure.

Dodd stated in a news release that “this is a significant step toward ensuring California is at the forefront of responsible AI deployment and use.” “The guidelines presented here will aid in preserving public rights while maximizing the advantages of AI. I value my colleagues’ support, which is cross-partisan.

The Senate Concurrent Resolution 17, as it is officially known, stresses the “major problems created by the use of technology, data, and automated systems, including occurrences of hazardous, ineffective, or prejudiced Paul Payne, Dodd’s press secretary, emphasized that data collecting poses a threat to privacy and opportunity.

At the same time, the resolution acknowledges the potential advantages of AI, such as “increased efficiency in agriculture and data analysis that could revolutionize industries,” he said and referred to the resolution as “groundbreaking.”

The resolution reaffirms the state’s dedication to President Biden’s vision for secure AI and the values expressed in the “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights” published by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The five guiding principles will govern “the design, use, and deployment of automated systems in California,” according to Payne: Safe and Effective Systems; Algorithmic Discrimination Protections; Data Privacy; Notice and Explanation; and Human Alternatives, Consideration, and Fallback.

The resolution was earlier adopted by the whole Senate, and on Monday the state Assembly approved it with a unanimous voice vote. It is not necessary.

At a time when formal regulations for AI are still pending and regulation is only beginning, the Legislature has taken this measure. Legislators on Capitol Hill have recently organized hearings and press conferences on AI.

Additionally, it comes three weeks after Biden discussed artificial intelligence in front of CEOs from businesses that provide the technology, including OpenAI and Anthropic, during a White House press briefing when administration officials highlighted voluntary AI safety promises made by seven technology companies.

Nevertheless, according to some reports, while politicians and experts work to safeguard consumers and limit the hazards that artificial intelligence poses to jobs, the spread of misinformation, and domestic and national security, regulations governing the quickly growing technology will likely take longer to develop than they would otherwise.

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