It’s time to redesign your career for the era of AI

It's time to redesign your career for the era of AI
It’s time to redesign your career for the era of AI

It is obvious that the use of artificial intelligence will change the responsibilities of technology experts, necessitating the updating of existing abilities and the acquisition of fresh strategies.

With conflicting signals regarding job replacement and the usurpation of decision-making authority, the influence of AI on business managers’ and professionals’ professional career prospects is not entirely evident.

According to a study by Rakesh Kochhar of Pew Research, the advent of AI, in especially generative AI, is expected to have a significant influence on management and professional occupations.

“Jobs with a high level of AI exposure typically are in higher-paying areas where a college degree and analytical abilities might be an asset. More than twice as many workers (27%) have a bachelor’s degree or above.

Vittorio Cretella, CIO of Procter & Gamble, doesn’t see AI as replacing human talent, but rather, amplifying those talents. “The continued rise of AI will change the type of work we do, and how we do it, but augmenting rather than replacing human capabilities,” he argues. “We will still need the skills of digitally-savvy, creative human employees who can work effectively with machines.”

AI “will have a profound impact on employees across the whole organization, not only on expert roles such as data science or machine learning engineering,” Cretella points out.

“Nearly all employees, regardless of function, will need to get familiar with working with machines, exploring insights and leveraging recommendations which may often be different from what their previous experience would suggest.”

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