Is racism possible in artificial intelligence?

Is racism possible in artificial intelligence?
Is racism possible in artificial intelligence?

What’s going on?

The development of generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, which make automated predictions based on vast amounts of data, has accompanied the development of artificial intelligence. However, scientists claim that as the usage of AI advances, racial bias and discriminatory practices become more prevalent.

“Those tools have been trained to generate predictions based on historical data on past events. Accordingly, computerized predictions will reflect and magnify the injustice that already exists in the setting in which they are deployed, Olga Akselrod, senior staff attorney in the American Civil Liberties Union’s Racial Justice Program, told Yahoo News.

Researchers from Cambridge University discovered that AI results in unequal prospects for disadvantaged populations in a 2020 study. But in spite of the injustices, AI is still expanding. According to Tech Jury, 35% of businesses are already employing AI, and 42% are considering doing so in the future.

“Predictive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, have been implemented in almost every aspect of our lives by both public and private organizations, and they have an impact on truly critical decisions, such as who gets a job, who gets a loan, who goes to jail, and a host of other decisions,” Akselrod said.

Why there is controversy?

Experts claim that the lack of openness in AI techniques could result in extreme discrepancies.

In Akselrod’s opinion, “predictive tools pose a great threat to civil rights protections [because] they are used at an incredible scale that is sort of unmatched by individual decisions from the past, or even systemic decisions that weren’t made with the kind of speed and frequency that decisions are made today, using predictive tools,”

Akselrod claims that the burden of racial and economic injustices in society will only increase as a result of AI tools.

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