Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft 365

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft 365
Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Microsoft 365

The Uproar Regarding Microsoft 365

The use of AI is currently widespread. The noise is unbearable. There is constant and overpowering discussion about Large Language Models, ChatGPT, OpenAI, Copilot, and other AI technologies.

Is there a reason why businesses are having trouble figuring out how to start participating in this transformation and what steps they need to take to get ready?

We are in a truly transformative period of history when AI is poised to fundamentally alter the way we work, which is why there is so much noise surrounding it right now. Utilizing these Generative AI skills can enable your staff to work more efficiently, make fewer mistakes, and feel less frustrated.

Every organization must have a plan for how and when to apply AI in their business, or else they run the danger of falling behind. But where do you begin? How should you get ready? What potential does AI have to change your business? Let’s examine more thoroughly and practically how you ought to begin using AI in the Microsoft universe.

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Making AI-ready

There are a few things you can start doing today to achieve the greatest outcomes when considering the future of your firm and the potential technological landscape. Some of the most important actions are:

Get Your Data Ready

When you initially used the Delve application, do you recall how terrified everyone was because Delve was surfacing papers that they weren’t allowed to have access to? To be clear, Delve was simply displaying employees the documents they had access to because the records weren’t secured properly in the first place.

Therefore, when adding products like Microsoft 365 Copilot into the mix, magnify that same freak-out by 100 Microsoft 365 Copilot offers the capacity to assist you in creating Office documents, emails, and PowerPoint presentations.

Teams’ business chat also enables you to be more productive throughout the day. Do you understand what all that data has at its core? Your information is kept in SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange Online, and other places, as well as the Microsoft Graph…

People are now receiving suggested papers from Copilot based on what they are working on and what they have access to, so they are no longer searching for documents and unintentionally discovering something that wasn’t secured properly.

Because employees don’t have to ask very specific inquiries or use precise phrases, generative AI technologies like Copilot are excellent. Regardless of what a file is called or how the employee may refer to it, Copilot is intelligent enough to comprehend what they are asking and locate the pertinent information. That’s fantastic—and terrifying.

Can you image if staff members started asking Copilot about their peers’ salary and someone decided to build a public Team where that kind of data was stored? What if everyone had access to a SharePoint site that contained your trade secrets even though you may not have added any users to it?

You need to organize your home! A nasty surprise is likely to hit organizations who rely on “security through obscurity.”

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Microsoft’s Getting Started with AI

What choices are there for your business to use these skills now that it’s prepared to jump in? Fortunately, there are several options available.

Office 365 Copilot

You have undoubtedly heard of and seen the fantastic demos of Microsoft 365 Copilot, unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock. It includes features that make it simpler to produce documents, read data, write emails, write meeting recaps that will make your friends envious, and put the world of Microsoft data at your fingertips. Additionally, Microsoft offers several Copilot variants, including:

  • 365 by Microsoft Copilot
  • Power Tools Copilot
  • Energy BI Copilot
  • Enjoy Copilot
  • GitHub Copilot

Yes, these tools may be more expensive, but one major benefit of these Copilots is that they require very little configuration or time-consuming implementation to use. If you have the money and the desire to use Generative AI at your business, I recommend starting by looking at a Copilot that suits your requirements.

Cloud OpenAI

Utilizing amazing, ground-breaking solutions like Microsoft 365 Copilot has the additional drawback of not yet being made available. Microsoft 365 Copilot is now available only to invitees, so don’t anticipate it to be widely accessible until the first several months of 2019.

Azure OpenAI

What then should a company do if they don’t want to wait until the following year or if they don’t have the funding for these Copilots? Wonderful query! I’m happy you inquired.

Organizations may use the power of generative AI right away and possibly experience cost benefits over other choices by utilizing Azure OpenAI. What then can you accomplish with Azure OpenAI?

You can use ChatGPT without sending any sensitive information to OpenAI’s servers.

As ChatGPT’s popularity skyrocketed earlier this year, several businesses promptly blocked access to the website to stop sensitive information from being unintentionally disclosed, as happened with Samsung.

Fortunately, you can give your employees the same advantages of using OpenAI’s ChatGPT without worrying that private information will be leaked, kept, or utilized for training due to Azure OpenAI.

In just a few days, you can set up a secure ChatGPT experience for your employees by combining Azure OpenAI with technologies like Power Virtual Agents.  For all your bot choices, check at the Azure AI Bot Service.

Utilize your organizational data and Azure OpenAI

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could design a ChatGPT experience where the information used in the responses was instead specific to your business? You can easily connect your models to your company’s data, such as HR benefit details or your comprehensive Knowledge Base documentation, with the help of Azure OpenAI, which will completely change how your employees find answers to their specific questions.

Connect your Power Automate workloads to Azure OpenAI

You can start getting some amazing functionality boosts from generative AI in hours—possibly minutes—by using tools like Power Automate and SharePoint Document libraries! To quickly and easily: Connect Power Automate to Azure OpenAI in your SharePoint document libraries.

  • Obtain metadata from documents and images
  • Convert documents
  • summarize the texts
  • Identify important details in a document.
  • Investigate the tone of a document
  • Make a Q&A regarding a document.

Immediately inform staff members of objectionable content, among other things!

This is Only the First Step

Hopefully you now have some ideas on how to prepare your company for AI and have a vague idea of what can be achieved by embracing generative AI—quickly, effortlessly, and without writing any code.

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