I’d invest $5,000 in 2 remarkable artificial intelligence (AI) growth stocks right now.

I'd invest $5,000 in 2 remarkable artificial intelligence (AI) growth stocks right now.
I’d invest $5,000 in 2 remarkable artificial intelligence (AI) growth stocks right now.

These growth stocks may enable cautious investors to capitalize on the multitrillion-dollar market potential for artificial intelligence software.
Generative artificial intelligence (AI), a system that employs straightforward cues to automatically create media assets like photographs and movies, has Wall Street buzzing. According to Goldman Sachs, generative AI may increase worker productivity by approximately $7 trillion over the course of the next ten years, and several analysts have raised their price forecasts for stocks to reflect this.

Fortunately, the adoption of generative AI in the industry is still extremely young, thus possibilities abound for patient investors. Currently, if I were to put $5,000 into AI stocks, I would divide my money is split 70/30 between Datadog (DDOG 1.13%) and Amazon (AMZN 1.10%).

Amazon is a pioneer in developer offerings for cloud AI.

Amazon (AMZN 1.10%) is the first artificial intelligence (AI) stock I’d purchase. Its twenty-year investment in AI has already had a significant effect on the company’s operations. Amazon uses AI to tailor robotic picking paths in its fulfillment facilities and to provide pertinent product suggestions on its marketplace.

Similar to this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) boasts the most comprehensive and in-depth set of AI capabilities available in the cloud, and research firm Gartner just acknowledged its dominance in cloud AI developer services.

With the recently released generative AI tools Bedrock and Code Whisperer, Amazon aims to continue this pace. The Bedrock service links developers with pretrained large language models (LLMs), the building blocks of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications them produce software capable of producing original text and graphics. In a similar vein, Code Whisperer is a generative AI tool that streamlines some of the coding process to speed up software development.

The investment thesis is considerably larger, however, as Amazon already dominates the e-commerce sector in North America and Western Europe, and its market share is projected to increase in 2023. Those items should help Amazon take advantage of the rising demand for AI software. Amazon is also the third-largest AdTech firm in the world, and for the past 12 years and counting, AWS has been the benchmark for cloud computing.

In summary, Amazon is expected to expand at a rate of around 14% per year until 2030 in all three of the areas it competes in: e-commerce, AdTech, and cloud computing. Amazon should be able to at least equal that pace, making its present price of 2.5 times sales appear to be pretty reasonable. For that reason, if I had $5,000 to invest, I would put 70% of it into this AI stock right now.

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A pioneer in AI for IT operations is Datadog.

Datadog is the second AI stock I would purchase. Its observability and security software aids businesses in maintaining the functionality of their infrastructure and apps, and its AI engine Watchdog speeds up incident response times by automating processes like anomaly detection and root cause investigation. Strong AI has enabled Datadog to stand out from the competition. The business has just been named a leader in AI software for IT operations by Forrester Research.

LLM Observability and Bits, two new AI technologies from Datadog, aim to continue that progress. LLM Observability continually tracks the performance of the underlying big language models to assist clients in optimizing generative AI systems. A generative AI assistant called Bits, meanwhile, enables IT staff to search performance monitoring data.

These goods ought to enable Datadog to take advantage of the rising demand for generative AI software. As a matter of fact, analysts at Wolfe Research recently informed investors that “generative AI tailwinds could make [Datadog] the fastest-growing software company.” Investors should be aware that Datadog is more than just artificial intelligence.

Numerous observability and security tools are available from Datadog, allowing customers to keep an eye on every layer of the technological stack from a single interface. The market is responding well to that all-encompassing strategy.

According to CEO Olivier Pomel, 82% of Datadog customers use two or more products, while 21% use six or more. However, quality is what counts most, and positive comments from industry analysts imply that the firm is giving customers high-quality items.

Datadog has advanced AI for IT operations by been acknowledged as a pioneer in several observability fields, including as network monitoring, log monitoring, and application performance monitoring. The firm is now in an excellent position as a result.

As businesses continue to engage in initiatives like cloud migration and other aspects of digital transformation, all of which increase IT complexity, demand for observability and security software ought to increase in the upcoming years. Because of this, Datadog anticipates that its addressable market will increase by 11% yearly to $62 billion by 2026.

The current share price is 15 times revenues. Even while that valuation is not cheap, it is still a good deal compared to the three-year average of 36.2 times sales and a fair price to pay considering the growth possibilities. For this reason, if I had $5,000 to invest, I would devote 30% of it to this growth.

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