How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio

How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio

How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio: Crossover car stereo wiring can seem like a daunting task for a newbie, which is why many people choose to leave the wiring of their car stereo to an expert.

While very easy to do, wiring a crossover car stereo is a job that is best left to the professionals.

Crossover Car Audio can be installed simply and easily with a few tools and the right knowledge. It is an important part of the car audio system because it divides the sound frequencies into different ranges that can be sent to the different speakers.

They are made to fit the specifications and requirements of the audio system, which is why they need to be installed by an expert and not some DIY enthusiast.

You’ve purchased your two-way car audio system and you’ve got the head unit that would give you the best features and options. Next is the harnesses that you have to connect the inside system with the outside speakers. But before you go on with the installation, there is a need to know how to wire a crossover Car Audio.

A car audio system comes with a built in amplifier. There are terminals to connect the speaker system with the amplifier. The only thing that is left is to connect them with a crossover. Crossover is the most important part of the speaker system.

How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio
How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio

To A Crossover Car Audio :

To wire a crossover car audio is a fantastic thing as it improves the quality of the sound system that you have installed in your car. This is something that may seem very complex to you, especially if you are not good with electronics, but it is actually very easy to wire a crossover car audio and you can do it on your own.

Best Crossover Slope For Subwoofer

The best crossover slope for subwoofer. We wanted to write this blog because we’ve noticed that many people have questions about this topic and it isn’t always easy to find the answers. We hope this blog post helps you to find the answers you need. If you have any other questions, please contact us anytime.

Some prefer lower slope crossovers, while others like steep slope crossovers. By general rule it depends on your drivers to a large degree too.

How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio

How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio
How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio

Here are the basic rules for crossover slopes that will apply to 90% of people:

  • The 12 / dB setting is good and will work in most cases on subwoofers (low-pass) and full-range speakers.
  • However, 18dB / octave can be better for other subwoofers depending on your specific subwoofer, fenced area, and how your car changes the sound. If so, use the 18dB setting to see how it sounds.
  • 6dB / octave is a bit weak and will allow the sounds to pass through the “mud” sound and is not suitable for bass speakers. I do not recommend that in most cases.

More Information About What Is Crossover In Car Audio 

Know why you need the crossover

The main reason why a crossover is needed is to separate the frequencies and pass them to the correct speakers. A crossover is used in car audio to separate low, mid and high frequencies and send them to the appropriate speakers. This is a very important part of a car audio system and if it is messed up, it will have a negative effect.

The crossover is placed between your amplifier and your speakers. It is very common for a tweeter and midrange (midrange speaker) to be on the front right and left of the car, and a sub-woofer in the back.

The crossover separates the signals into high, mid and bass frequencies and sends each one to the correct speakers.

Testing your car audio

Car Audio Testing :

There are five important tests to determine if you car audio system is functioning in full capacity, they are as follows:

High frequency output :

Place a tone generator close to the speakers. If the speakers are functioning properly, you will hear a distinct high pitched tone. If the speakers are not working properly, the high frequency tone will be distorted.

 Mid-range output :

Use the tone generator to create a mid-tone, if the mid-tones are distorted, you will need to re-tune the audio system.

Bass – Test :

The lower tones using a kick drum. If the kick drum sounds distorted, the bass is not functioning properly.

Volume : If the volume is too low or too high, the sound will be distorted.

Sound balance:

If the sound is too low on one side, the speakers will need to be adjusted. If the sound is too high on one side, the speaker unit will need to be replaced.

How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio
How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio

Conclusion :

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on How To Wire A Crossover Car Audio. We tried to make sure that the information we provided was applicable to any home theater lover, regardless of the type of speakers you prefer to use. If you have any other questions about the best crossover slopes for your subwoofer, please leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you.

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