How To Install A Car Amplifier

How To Install A Car Amplifier

A car amplifier is a device for boosting the power of an audio signal. It is installed in vehicles to allow the user to play music at a higher volume or to install a subwoofer. How to install a car amplifier, you must have the right equipment.

 To start, you need an amplifier that is compatible with your vehicle. You also need a remote turn-on lead, a fuse and several other parts.

How To Install A Car Amplifier
How To Install A Car Amplifier

How To Install A Car Amplifier Diagram

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Here is your car amplifier installation diagram guide.

Basic Consideration

How to install a car amplifier?

When you are thinking to start a project you need some basic Consideration. Like what kit you need and where to mount the amp and how to fix the wires. First of all we make a proper decision because decision is the most important thing to success in your project.

Accessories And Wires That You Need :

You can buy amplifier wiring kit  or you can buy power, ground wires, fuse, separately.

How To Install A Car Amplifier
How To Install A Car Amplifier

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Power And Ground Wire :

The power wire needs to fulfill the amp and the power setting according to your amplifiers. If the amp is less power-oriented, the power wire will not be heavy. 

The power wire has to match with your amp that is written on the amp’s instruction manual. The size, lengths, power is significant here.

Inline Fuse

The fuse protects all systems so prices should be fair otherwise, it could cause a short circuit or any damage to the system.

Different lengths of wires require a different amp fuse as 10-gauge wires require 25-amp fuse, 8-gauge wires require 60-amp fuse, and when wires are low in length, the combined power increases.

RCA Cable

The cable sends the signal from the input receiver from the output receiver. The wiring kit may not fit, so it is best to buy it the same length and size.

Run the RCA cable back to the amplifier area and attach it to the head unit. It is farther away from the other side of the car so that it does not go to one side of the power cord as it will raise the speaker’s nose.

Therefore, the power and sound wiring will come in opposite directions from the back to the head unit accordingly.

  • Speaker cable: cables work with speaker.
  • Turn on the switch
  • Connecting connectors
  • Ropes of the earth.

Some Location To Install Amplifier

Under The Seat

The receiver is close to the seat, so you will only need a short cushion and signal cables to install the amp under the seat.


Also, the speaker is close to here, so the phone will need very few to install an amp. Although you have to completely remove the seat and only a small Amp size can fit in here.


Passenger Side

Removing the seat is not necessary here. But this is not recommended as the amp may be near a certain sound area.


In The Trunk

You can install a large amp here as the area is large enough. I would say it is the best place to install an amp as the speaker and amp controllers will be close to the amp. Although you will need long cords and rope access pads.

Car Amplifier Wiring Diagram

How To Install A Car Amplifier

Car Amplifier Installation Process

How to install a car amplifier complete Process

After you find your amp location, it’s time to install it. Whatever the car model, the amp installation process is almost the same. Just imagine, your chosen location is under the seat, so the procedure for how to connect the car is given below:

Remove The Chair

First, remove the seat from the car and set it outside. Now remove the screws and the cutting piece from the carpet and pull the mat again.

Find Batter Place

Clean the soil and wipe off all paint with a Dremel tool. Paint should be completely removed from any available metal. Otherwise, it will reduce the amp power, and the amp will be overheated, which could damage or make short circuits.

Therefore, making good soil is important. If there is anything that reduces noise like dynamite, cut it and make good soil.

Set The Ground Wire

Now drill a hole in the bottom board but before you do, check below to see if there are any wires or lines. Take a low wire and burn it on the head. After that, set the clipper on it firmly. Set the clip to the hole.

 Install Power Cable

The power cable will be connected from battery to amp. Just connect the cable to the positive battery terminal and set the fuse holder away from the battery.

Launch the power cable under the engine component to the negative terminal. Therefore, some parts will not be disturbed. You can make some holes carefully so that the phone can be set properly.

There is a small screw head on the ground of the amp, and you can drill here to get the power cable. Remember, do not run the power cable out of the engine otherwise, it will make a lot of noise. Now create a drill on the firewall and set the grommet so that the power cable can run through it.

Final Work on Amplifier Installation

How to install a car amplifier?

Connect the remote power cable from the stereo to the amp, and the RCA cable is also connected here. After setup, the RCA to the head unit and the remote power cord on the amp sets the speaker cord on your car speaker.


 If you are going to attach your RCA to the head unit and speaker cord, and the ground cable and the main power cable to the carpet, connect the amplifier and turn it on. Make sure the wires are straight and not connected to any unwanted objects. If a stray wire is hanging, protect it.

Conclusion :

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to install a car amplifier. If you have any questions or concerns about installing a car amplifier diagram, please contact us anytime at . Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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