House Democrats launch ‘working group’ on artificial intelligence

House Democrats launch 'working group' on artificial intelligence
House Democrats launch ‘working group’ on artificial intelligence

The House Democrats are establishing a working group to develop artificial intelligence policy, the latest effort by federal legislators to understand how to enact laws for the quickly evolving industry.

The new campaign was introduced this week by the New Democrat Coalition, a group of around 100 House Democrats that describes itself as “pragmatic.”

One of the vice chairs of the project, Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia, expressed his hopes for the working group to “help develop real, workable ideas that will put guardrails in place for AI in an interview with News.

Beyer stated, “I continue to be focused on a variety of AI-related issues, including safety and security, transparency, the future of work, preventing the violation of civil rights, health care, and suicide prevention, among others, and have ongoing discussions about legislation in these areas with members of both parties.

Congress needs to catch up on this issue, and the New Democrats’ AI working group, in my opinion, will be a good place to start.

Rep. Derek Kilmer, D-Washington, the working group’s chair, proposed that it might build the foundation for an AI regulation framework in the House of Representatives. With potential disruptions for workers, democracy, and national security, technological advancements bring both huge opportunities and challenges, according to Kilmer.

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Legislators must address the unique opportunities and difficulties presented by AI’s expanding and evolving applications by developing a legal framework that fosters development while minimizing hazards.


Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., a member of the working group and a former Marine, expressed alarm about how AI will “transform warfare” and urged Congress to erect reasonable barriers to prevent the most disastrous use of the technology.

Congress won’t be able to truly stay ahead of AI, but what we can and should do is take seriously some of the riskiest applications of the technology and provide safeguards and remedies specifically for those situations, according to Moulton on  News. “AI’s potential to change warfare is another issue that worries me a lot.

To prevent Beijing or Moscow from having the authority to define the rules, we need a Geneva Convention for AI in conflict. This working group makes a lot of sense and I anticipate it to be highly effective because the New Democrats are known for focusing realistic answers to our toughest concerns.

“I’m glad this working group will concentrate on safeguarding our democratic institutions from AI interference,” he continued. If AI is not reined back, public confidence in our elections is already declining.

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