Former NBA Player Considers Identifying As A Woman And “Dominating The WNBA” (TWEET)

Enes Kanter Freedom, a former NBA great who notably changed his name after becoming a US citizen in 2021, is attempting to make a strong argument regarding women’s sports.

Former NBA Player Considers Identifying As A Woman And “Dominating The WNBA” (TWEET)
Former NBA Player Considers Identifying As A Woman And “Dominating The WNBA” (TWEET)

The former Boston Celtics center claimed on Twitter that men do not belong in women’s facilities, including locker rooms and sports. He then suggested that since he has been barred from playing in the NBA, he should put on a wig and dominate the WNBA.

“Men have no place in women’s spaces.” Locker Rooms or Sports Restrooms.

Should I put on a wig, identify as a woman, and dominate the WNBA now that I’m barred from the NBA?

Is that when the uproar will start? Is it fair to all the women who have spent their entire lives pursuing their dreams?

Where have all the feminists and activists for women’s rights gone?!
Freedom has already testified before Congress regarding his assertion that he has been “blacklisted” by the NBA because to his outspoken criticism of China’s oppression of Uyghurs and the league’s relationship with the Chinese government.

He also chastised other NBA players for remaining silent on China’s human rights concerns.

During his final season with the Boston Celtics, Freedom wore custom-made sneakers that not only proclaimed “Free Tibet” and “Free Uyghurs,” but also chastised Nike and the NBA players he accused of putting “money over morals.” He especially targeted LeBron James by wearing shoes that mocked the NBA star.

He also disclosed earlier this year that the Turkish government had posted a prize of up to 10 million Turkish lira, or $500,000, for his capture. He was also included to Turkey’s most-wanted terrorists list because he spoke out against human rights violations in his parents’ native country and Erdogan’s government, referring to Erdogan as the “Hitler of our century.”

Kanter will never be able to return home to his family because he will be jailed and probably executed by the government.

The safer bet is for him to play in the WNBA, where he may be annihilated by the ladies’ talent.

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