Does Ai prevent the future of wildfire?

Pano AI, based in San Francisco, uses security cameras mounted on towers and other large structures to autonomously detect, confirm, and classify wildfire incidents. Recent wildfire incidences have caused devastation; by the end of July 2023, there will be 1,470 fire cases in Greece alone.

Does Ai prevent the future of wildfire?
Does Ai prevent the future of wildfire?

This is where artificial intelligence may help by employing its constantly advancing cutting-edge technologies.

For example, Pano AI uses AI-powered software to provide real-time viewing and triage of wildfire alarms in addition to integrated communication capabilities to disseminate information to the field.

When Pano AI’s cameras spot potential flames from a variety of angles and perceive a fire hazard, they automatically warn wildfire specialists and give them enhanced images of the fire that can be zoomed in on for a closer look.

This enables the experts in fire monitoring to determine whether a fire is present and where it is located as soon as possible. This early confirmation is essential because it enables the response of the firefighting teams to put out the fire and stop it from spreading.

As soon as Pano AI confirms the existence of a fire, it assists the fire monitoring specialists in promptly communicating this information to the rest of their team in real-time so that their extended team of first responders and other pertinent employees may be deployed.

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First responders may always access the most recent time-lapse pictures and crucial information about the location and movement of the fire thanks to Pano AI’s built-in alerts and notifications that are sent to mobile devices.

They are able to respond to wildfire incidents with greater accuracy and control thanks to this, and they are also better equipped to make quick choices and take appropriate action to put out the fire and stop it from spreading.

The Pano Stations or other prominent high locations, such as hills or towers, have these AI cameras mounted and fixed to them. The primary function of Pano Stations is to maintain constant watch over a significant area within a 15-mile radius using AI cameras that can take detailed pictures of the landscape.

Rapid Detect, a smart and connected platform created for fire professionals, is what Pano AI calls its technology.

The platform works by giving fire specialists access to cutting-edge equipment and technology, including high-quality cameras and sensors that can instantly evaluate data with artificial intelligence.

They obtain a comprehensive picture of the situation because all the information is gathered in one location. This includes information from current cameras, satellite photos, field-installed sensors, high-definition cameras, and even emergency warnings.

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The deployment of 5G-connected, AI-powered cameras with active wildfire detection in Portland, Oregon, was announced by Pano AI in September 2022 in partnership with T-Mobile and Portland General Electric. A total of 33 mountaintop cameras will now be installed across the state, according to an announcement made by the AI business and Portland General Electric in July 2023.

Collaboration between top public utilities like PGE and fire authorities is essential as the Pacific Northwest faces more challenges due to a hotter, drier climate and an increase in early-season wildfires.

According to Pano AI, “We are proud to use our fully integrated wildfire detection and intelligence solution to assist local fire departments and utilities in locating and containing wildfires before they become catastrophic.”

As of July 28th, 2023, the Southeast of Australia will also have access to the company’s AI-powered cameras, in addition to the states of Washington and Colorado.

In reference to the wildfires that engulfed the Northeastern US and Canada in June 2023, Pano AI reiterates that by placing technology solutions like Pano AI’s in the hands of emergency managers, artificial intelligence can provide vital information to help them contain wildfires when they are still small and help prevent them from becoming megafires.

According to Pano AI, authorities must swiftly adopt these technologies in the face of this deteriorating trend because they are currently mature, scalable, and readily available.

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