11 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2023 to Keep the Party Going All Year Long

Outdoor subwoofers are essential components in any outdoor audio setup, providing deep, powerful bass that can enhance your listening experience. With the right subwoofer, you can transform your outdoor space into an entertainment haven, perfect for parties, get-togethers, or simply relaxing on your own.

11 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2023 to Keep the Party Going All Year Long

Importance of Audio Quality in Outdoor Spaces

Sound quality is crucial in outdoor settings. Unlike indoor environments, where walls and ceilings can help contain and amplify sound, the open nature of outdoor spaces can lead to audio dissipation. This makes it essential to invest in a high-quality outdoor subwoofer that can deliver powerful bass, ensuring an immersive audio experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Subwoofer


The power of a subwoofer, measured in watts, determines its capability to deliver strong, deep bass. A higher wattage indicates a more powerful subwoofer, capable of providing a richer audio experience.


Outdoor subwoofers must withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and heat. Look for subwoofers with a high IP rating, indicating better resistance to water and dust.


Consider the type of connectivity you need for your subwoofer. Some subwoofers connect through wired connections, while others offer wireless options, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Size and Design

Choose a subwoofer that fits well in your outdoor space and complements its aesthetics. Some subwoofers are designed to blend seamlessly

into the environment, while others make a statement with their unique designs.

Our Top Picks: 3 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2023

After evaluating the 11 best outdoor subwoofers, we have chosen the following three as our top picks for 2023. These selections offer a balance of features, performance, and value, making them excellent choices for enhancing your outdoor audio experience.

1. Klipsch AW-650

2. OSD Audio BTP-650

3. Polk Audio Atrium Sub10

These top picks represent a range of features and performance levels, so be sure to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the best outdoor subwoofer for your space.

11 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2023

1. Klipsch AW-650

The Klipsch AW-650 is a powerful outdoor subwoofer with a 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. It delivers an impressive frequency response of 70Hz-20kHz and a sensitivity of 95dB. Its all-weather design ensures durability in harsh conditions, making it a top choice for outdoor spaces.

2. OSD Audio BTP-650

This wireless Bluetooth subwoofer features a 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, providing rich bass and clear highs. With a weather-resistant design and a 100-foot wireless range, the OSD Audio BTP-650 is perfect for outdoor use.

3. Yamaha NS-AW150

The Yamaha NS-AW150 offers a compact design with a 5-inch woofer and a 0.5-inch tweeter. Its frequency response ranges from 80Hz to 20kHz, ensuring excellent audio quality. The subwoofer’s weather-resistant construction guarantees reliable performance in any outdoor environment.

4. Sonos Outdoor Subwoofer

The Sonos Outdoor Subwoofer integrates seamlessly with other Sonos devices, allowing for easy multi-room audio setups. Its weather-resistant design and powerful bass output make it an excellent choice for outdoor entertainment spaces.

5. Polk Audio Atrium Sub10

This subwoofer features a 10-inch woofer and a 200-watt power output, ensuring deep and powerful bass. The Polk Audio Atrium Sub10 is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a durable choice for outdoor use.

6. Definitive Technology AW6500

With a 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, the AW6500 delivers a wide frequency range of 40Hz to 30kHz. Its rugged construction ensures durability, while the integrated wall-mount brackets allow for easy installation.

7. Bose FreeSpace 360P Series II

This 360-degree subwoofer offers omnidirectional sound coverage, making it ideal for large outdoor spaces. Its weather-resistant design and powerful performance ensure a high-quality listening experience.

8. JBL Control SB-2

The JBL Control SB-2 is a versatile subwoofer with a 10-inch woofer and a frequency response of 38Hz to 160Hz. Its weather-resistant design and unique vented bandpass enclosure make it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

9. TIC GS50

This 8-inch subwoofer offers a 360-degree omnidirectional sound, providing powerful bass throughout your outdoor space. With a weatherproof design and a discreet, in-ground installation option, the TIC GS50 blends seamlessly into your landscape.

10. MartinLogan Dynamo 600X

The MartinLogan Dynamo 600X is a high-performance subwoofer with a 10-inch woofer and 240-watt power output. Its wireless connectivity and app control make it a user-friendly option for outdoor use.

11. Niles GSS10

The Niles GSS10 is a 10-inch in-ground subwoofer that offers a discreet and powerful audio solution for outdoor spaces. Its weather-resistant design ensures long-lasting performance.

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Features of the 11 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2023

SubwooferWoofer SizePower OutputConnectivityWeather ResistanceSpecial Features
Klipsch AW-6506.5 inchesN/AWiredYes1-inch titanium dome tweeter
OSD Audio BTP-6506.5 inchesN/ABluetoothYes100-foot wireless range
Yamaha NS-AW1505 inchesN/AWiredYesCompact design
Sonos Outdoor SubwooferN/AN/AWi-FiYesSeamless integration with Sonos
Polk Audio Atrium Sub1010 inches200 wattsWiredYesRugged construction
Definitive Technology AW65006.5 inchesN/AWiredYes1-inch aluminum dome tweeter
Bose FreeSpace 360P Series IIN/AN/AWiredYes360-degree omnidirectional sound
JBL Control SB-210 inchesN/AWiredYesVented bandpass enclosure
TIC GS508 inchesN/AWiredYes360-degree omnidirectional sound
MartinLogan Dynamo 600X10 inches240 wattsWirelessYesApp control
Niles GSS1010 inchesN/AWiredYesDiscreet in-ground installation

Please note that the power output is not available for all models, as manufacturers may not always provide this information. Additionally, some subwoofers may have unique features not listed in the table. Be sure to check the individual product specifications for more detailed information.

Pros and Cons of the 11 Best Outdoor Subwoofers in 2023

Klipsch AW-650– Powerful sound<br>- All-weather design– Wired connection only
OSD Audio BTP-650– Bluetooth connectivity<br>- Weather-resistant– May not be as powerful as larger subwoofers
Yamaha NS-AW150– Compact design<br>- Weather-resistant– Lower frequency response compared to others
Sonos Outdoor Subwoofer– Seamless Sonos integration<br>- Weather-resistant– Relatively expensive
Polk Audio Atrium Sub10– Powerful bass<br>- Rugged construction– Larger size may not suit all spaces
Definitive Technology AW6500– Wide frequency range<br>- Durable design– No wireless connectivity option
Bose FreeSpace 360P Series II– 360-degree sound<br>- Weather-resistant– May require professional installation
JBL Control SB-2– Versatile<br>- Unique enclosure design– Wired connection only
TIC GS50– Omnidirectional sound<br>- Discreet installation– May not provide as deep bass as larger models
MartinLogan Dynamo 600X– Wireless connectivity<br>- App control– Expensive
Niles GSS10– Discreet design<br>- Weather-resistant– Requires in-ground installation

Please note that the pros and cons mentioned in the table are based on general observations and may not cover all aspects of the subwoofers. It is essential to research and consider individual product specifications and user reviews before making a purchase decision.


The right outdoor subwoofer can transform your outdoor space into an entertainment paradise. By considering factors like power, durability, connectivity, and design, you can choose the perfect subwoofer for your needs. Our top 11 picks for 2023 offer a range of options to suit various preferences and budgets, ensuring you can keep the party going all year long.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use indoor subwoofers outdoors?

Using an indoor subwoofer outdoors is not recommended, as they are not built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Outdoor subwoofers are specifically designed to endure extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Q2: How to install an outdoor subwoofer?

Installation of an outdoor subwoofer varies depending on the model and your setup. Generally, you’ll need to find a suitable location, secure the subwoofer using brackets or in-ground installation (if applicable), and connect it to your audio system using the appropriate cables or wireless connections.

Q3: Can I connect multiple outdoor subwoofers together?

Yes, many outdoor subwoofers can be connected together to create a more immersive audio experience. Check the specifications of your chosen subwoofer to see if it supports daisy-chaining or other multi-unit connection options.

Q4: How to maintain an outdoor subwoofer?

To ensure the longevity of your outdoor subwoofer, keep it clean and free of debris. Regularly inspect the subwoofer for any signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly. If possible, cover the subwoofer when not in use to protect it from the elements.

Q5: How to choose the right subwoofer for my outdoor space?

To choose the right outdoor subwoofer, consider factors such as power, durability, connectivity, and design. Also, take into account your outdoor space’s size and layout, as well as your audio system requirements and budget. Our list of the 11 best outdoor subwoofers in 2023 is a great starting point for your search.

Q6: Are outdoor subwoofers worth it?

Yes, outdoor subwoofers are worth the investment if you want to enhance your outdoor audio experience. They are specifically designed to provide powerful bass and withstand harsh weather conditions, making them an essential component for creating a high-quality outdoor entertainment space.

Q7: Can you put a subwoofer outside?

You can put a subwoofer outside as long as it is designed for outdoor use. Outdoor subwoofers are built to endure extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust. Using an indoor subwoofer outdoors is not recommended, as it is not designed to handle the outdoor environment and may be damaged.

Q8: What is the difference between subwoofers and outdoor speakers?

Subwoofers are designed to produce low-frequency sounds (bass), while outdoor speakers cover a broader range of frequencies. Outdoor speakers can provide a more balanced sound, but may not deliver the deep, powerful bass that a dedicated subwoofer can offer. Combining outdoor speakers with an outdoor subwoofer can result in a more immersive and well-rounded audio experience.

Q9: Where should I put my outdoor subwoofer?

The placement of your outdoor subwoofer will depend on your outdoor space and personal preferences. Generally, you should position the subwoofer close to your main listening area and ensure that it is not obstructed by furniture or other objects. Some outdoor subwoofers can be installed in-ground or mounted on walls, allowing for more discreet placement. Experimenting with different locations can help you find the ideal spot for optimal bass performance.

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