AWS launched a new healthcare focused services powered by generative AI

With the addition of a platform that provides AI capabilities to assist clinicians in transcribing and analyzing their patient talks, Amazon is expanding its portfolio of health-focused apps and services.

AWS launched a new healthcare focused services powered by generative AI
AWS launched a new healthcare focused services powered by generative AI

Amazon revealed AWS Health Scribe, an API to make transcripts, extract data, and create summaries from doctor-patient conversations that can be recorded into an electronic health record (EHR) system, during its annual AWS Summit conference in New York. According to Amazon, the platform’s machine learning models can transform the Health Scribe transcripts into patient notes, which can subsequently be examined for broad insights.

Bratin Saha, VP of machine learning and AI services at AWS, stated “Documentation is a particularly time-consuming effort for healthcare professionals, which is why we’re excited to leverage the power of generative AI in AWS health Scribe and reduce that burden.” Today’s announcement “builds on AWS’s commitment to the healthcare and life sciences industries and our responsible approach to technologies like generative AI to help lighten the burden of clinical documentation and enhance the consultation experience,” according to the company.

With the help of speaker roles and clinical relevance, health Scribe separates transcripts into categories like “small talk,” “subjective comments,” and “objective comments.” Additionally, health Scribe has natural language processing capabilities that can be used to extract structured medical terminology from discussions, such as drugs and ailments, such as those mentioned in the chat.

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For hundreds of medical practices, hospitals, and health systems, Scribe EMR is a top provider of virtual medical scribing, virtual medical coding, and virtual medical office services. Daya Shankar, co-founder and general manager of Scribe EMR, Inc., stated that the company’s mission is to “help increase practice efficiency, maximize revenue, and reduce clinician burnout in the healthcare industry.”

“We can use generative AI to transform the process of healthcare documentation by utilizing the strength of AWS health Scribe. Our sophisticated processes can now collect and understand patient visits more accurately thanks to AWS health Scribe, which also optimizes EMR workflows, coding, and reimbursement procedures.

The AI-enhanced health Scribe notes include information such as the history of the current ailment, takeaways, and visits’ purposes.

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According to Amazon, Bedrock, its platform that enables developers to create generative AI-powered apps using pre-trained models from startups as well as Amazon itself, powers the AI capabilities in health Scribe. Given generative AI’s propensity to display biases, confidently manufacture facts, and generally deviate from the norm, this could be cause for concern.

Algorithms for speech recognition frequently have biases as well. Recent research in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that Black speakers were twice as likely as white speakers to have their audio wrongly transcribed by speech recognition systems from top tech companies.

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