Artificial Intelligence is in and men may be out

Artificial Intelligence is in and men may be out
Artificial Intelligence is in and men may be out

It is well knowledge that women can tolerate pain better than men. Since women have to go through childbirth and put up with men, it is often thought that this is due to biological causes.

Well, assistance is coming for the latter reason. I have some news for the men. We’re leaving now.

Women will soon have access to technology that can learn how to interact with them appropriately in any circumstance thanks to recent advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Consider a situation where a lady is simply too stressed and begins yelling at her boyfriend. The normal response of a man is still something like, “You just need to calm down,” “Don’t get so defensive,” or “You’re being too sensitive,” which generally results in him going to the ER or at the very least spending the night on the sofa.

However, with the aid of AI, women can easily make a cyberpartner who will always be there for them to provide comfort, discover the appropriate words for any situation, and offer words of encouragement that a regular, normal-thinking male would never in a million years consider. 

Marriage, it is said, is tone deaf but love is blind. for guys, at least.  And with the help of AI, guys who are intelligent and can restrain themselves long enough might be trained over time to respond appropriately.

As an illustration, a woman might inquire with her partner, “Does this dress make me look fat?” A man might simply say, “Yes,” while looking around for a sturdy piece of furniture to hide behind and raising his arms in defense.

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AI is smarter than that since it has figured out how to ignore the previously stupid responses that men have given for ages. Males need to recognize that suitable responses to female emotions are comparable to the imaginative justifications we come up with for staying out later than we promised.

Women would be divorcing their spouses in droves and entering cyber-nuptials if A could learn to fix a leaky faucet, clean the dishes, or leave the toilet seat down. Of course, having an artificial intelligence (AI) honeymoon might not be all that exciting, but programmers are working on that.

The existence of real men may be in danger if scientists and engineers manage to combine AI with robotic men. Marriage is already the main reason for divorce, according to recent studies.

But because women will have the ideal partner who is kind, loving, and caring and is not coming home intoxicated, separations may become extinct as a result of AI. Desperately resisting the new technology because it threatens their very existence, divorce lawyers are doing so. They yearn for the days when Neanderthals were their main source of income.

We’ve come to terms with artificial Christmas trees in our houses, artificial sweeteners in our coffee, artificial limbs as appendages, and artificial hearts in chest cavities over the years.

Since women might be waiting a while for actual artificial intelligence, it’s possible that it’s time to accept it in men. If there are any guys left, scientists merely need to figure out how to implant this into their brains.

There are several aspects of AI’s potential that appeal to women. Imagine a creature that never forgets birthdays or anniversaries, enjoys it when you are dramatic, never accuses you of exaggerating, doesn’t mind if you spend the entire afternoon getting ready in the bathroom before going outside to get the mail or put out the garbage, and encourages you to constantly interrupt it when it is playing its favorite video game. That sounds like the perfect marriage.

For myself, I only recently experimented with a little AI. I started doing some spectacles. Everyone claimed that my IQ increased by one right away.

Finally, men could construct an AI that replicates the ideal female to reverse the situation. Of all, because all males agree that our women are ideal just as they are, it couldn’t possibly be a better situation. That’s what my AI instructed me to say, at least.

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