Amazon has drawn thousands to try its AI service competing with Google and Microsoft

Reuters, July 26 – An executive told Reuters that’s cloud division has attracted thousands of clients to test out its service as it competes with Microsoft and Google in a crucial area of artificial intelligence.

Amazon has drawn thousands to try its AI service competing with Google and Microsoft
Amazon has drawn thousands to try its AI service competing with Google and Microsoft

On Wednesday, the business also unveiled additional AI tools, such as a program for creating more conversational customer service agents, access to Cohere’s technology, and a healthcare system for producing clinical notes following a patient visit.

According to Vice President Swami Sivasubramanian, organizations like Sony (6758.T), Ryanair (RYA.I), and Sun Life (SLF.TO) have used Amazon Bedrock, a service the company introduced in April that enables companies to construct applications using a variety of AI models. Using generative technology, new text, images, and other content may be created at will.

According to Sivasubramanian,

“Our mission is to make every company an AI company,”

In an interview related to a summit the cloud provider sponsored in New York.
The company’s response to Google and Microsoft’s recently unveiled services is called Amazon Bedrock.

These two cloud rivals have created or promoted AI that has attracted considerable public interest. Microsoft has made an investment in Open AI, the startup that developed Chat GPT and the GPT-4 AI model.

The announcement by Amazon of thousands of previously unreported Bedrock users demonstrates that its initiatives are also garnering attention.

According to a Wednesday announcement, the company intends to provide customers with access to more advanced AI models than its competitors, including those from startups Anthropic and Stability AI. According to the company, Amazon is unique because it is the largest cloud provider by revenue and already hosts the data of numerous clients.

Very “soon,” according to Sivasubramanian, Amazon Bedrock will be made generally accessible to all customers. He said the corporation plans to address issues with cost allocation and corporate controls first and declined to say when.

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The general costs of AI are still a problem for business. As it expands data centers to serve AI and competes with other cloud providers for important Nvidia (NVDA.O) chips, Microsoft on Tuesday revealed its largest quarterly capital expenditures since at least its fiscal 2016.

When asked if Amazon has set a deadline for companies with ambitious AI plans to get chip access, We are collaborating with them to make sure we comprehend their ramp-up schedule, Sivasubramanian added.

In the meantime, the corporation increased access to Nvidia chip-based technologies that it claimed to be more effective for training AI. The cloud service provider also gave businesses a preview of Agents for Amazon Bedrock, which enables them to build chatbots that carry out activities and provide more individualized responses using their own data.

A virtual agent that schedules a flight for a traveler based on the cost, destination, and seating preferences of the consumer could be created by an airline. Recently, Silicon Valley has been enthralled by the possibilities for such agents in business.

Additionally, the business explicitly targeted the healthcare sector as part of its AI drive. It unveiled a service called AWS Health Scribe that would enable software developers to create tools for recording and analyzing doctor-patient discussions.

According to the firms, a division of 3M (MMM.N) intends to use this to accelerate clinical documentation.

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